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<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="bugfix">Titanium does not devolve in to iron when it rusts</li>
<h2 class="date">24 July 2020</h2>
<h3 class="author">ArcaneMusic updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="tweak">The BEPIS has been moved to the Cargo Bay from Science, and it's prices have been adjusted to roughly late-game proportions for most players.</li>
<li class="balance">The Rolling Tables and Mauna Mug BEPIS techs have been merged into one.</li>
<h3 class="author">EdgeLordExe updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="bugfix">Ash ascension no longer kills user.</li>
<h3 class="author">Galdar02 updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="rscadd">Winter Boots and Coats can now be acquired from Clothesmates</li>
<h3 class="author">Jared-Fogle updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="rscadd">You can now take off clothes while in stasis.</li>
<h3 class="author">Maurukas updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="tweak">All maps now receive a blood crate and surplus limb crate in Medical.</li>
<li class="tweak">All maps now have a chemical locker in the Pharmacy or in Plumbing.</li>
<li class="rscdel">The last chemistry wardrobe locker has been removed from DeltaStation.</li>
<li class="bugfix">IceBox blood freezer not spawning the correct number of blood bags.</li>
<h3 class="author">MrDoomBringer updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="bugfix">Routing protocols for contractor pods have been fixed - they should no longer send victims to mysterious crystal filled rooms</li>
<h3 class="author">Ryll/Shaps updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="tweak">Licking wounds on other people will automatically contract any diseases they're carrying. This is a one way transmission vector, you cannot contract disease from a felinid doctor in this way due to the partially antiseptic nature of cat saliva or whatever</li>
<li class="tweak">You also cannot lick wounds if your mouth is covered or if you do not, in fact, possess a tongue</li>
<li class="bugfix">Your clothes and items will no longer be covered in distressingly human looking blood when bashing borgs to bits</li>
<li class="rscadd">Introduces piercing wounds, a new type of wound mostly related to pointy things like bullets. Piercing wounds cause bleeding that does not clot over time, as well as when that limb is hit.</li>
<li class="rscadd">Skeletons and plasmamen can now suffer bone wounds!</li>
<li class="tweak">Dismemberment is now integrated with wounds! Simply apply a critical bleeding wound and a severe bone wound, keep whacking, and pop! Sharp weapons will cut through to bones on limbs with critical bleeding wounds, allowing you to still dismember with just a sword or axe.</li>
<li class="tweak">A few projectile types, namely buckshot and shotgun slugs, have had their damage reduced slightly to account for their new wounding abilities. Buckshot may take three shots to crit now, but you can also blast peoples limbs off! Cool!</li>
<li class="rscadd">Health analyzers now tell you if a humanoid is missing a heart, lungs, liver, or stomach (and they need them to survive)</li>
<li class="tweak">Formaldehyde replaces calomel in paramedic belts</li>
<li class="bugfix">Having brute damage on a limb no longer causes bleeding. Bandages now apply to all wounds on a limb, rather than be applied per-wound. Gauze also stops bleeding from dragging, but this wears out the gauze faster</li>
<li class="tweak">Wounds that have their removal requirements met while the patient is on a stasis bed will now be cured of their wounds as expected. In addition, burn wounds will slowly recover while stasis'd if they have flesh regen/sanitizer applied</li>
<li class="bugfix">Examining a bleeding dead body now reflects that dead bodies don't actually bleed, saying their blood is pooling instead</li>
<li class="tweak">Coagulant is now slightly less effective per bleeding wound for each bleed wound on a patient</li>
<h3 class="author">Sirich96 updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="imageadd">new stunbaton sprites</li>
<h3 class="author">YPOQ updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="bugfix">Fixed an issue that prevented throwing hats onto heads.</li>
<h3 class="author">nightred updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="bugfix">Only living mobs can buckle to borgs</li>
<li class="bugfix">The golden bike horn now works after round end,</li>
<h3 class="author">zxaber updated:</h3>
<ul class="changes bgimages16">
<li class="tweak">AIs disconnecting from a shell will be left looking at the shell rather than their core.</li>
<b>GoonStation 13 Development Team</b>