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/tg/station codebase

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This is the codebase for the /tg/station flavoured fork of SpaceStation 13.

Space Station 13 is a paranoia-laden round-based roleplaying game set against the backdrop of a nonsensical, metal death trap masquerading as a space station, with charming spritework designed to represent the sci-fi setting and its dangerous undertones. Have fun, and survive!



Running on the server

Maps and Away Missions

Requirements for contributors

Guidelines for Contributors

/tg/station HACKMD account - Design documentation here

Documenting your code

Policy configuration system


All code after commit 333c566b88108de218d882840e61928a9b759d8f on 2014/31/12 at 4:38 PM PST is licensed under GNU AGPL v3.

All code before commit 333c566b88108de218d882840e61928a9b759d8f on 2014/31/12 at 4:38 PM PST is licensed under GNU GPL v3. (Including tools unless their readme specifies otherwise.)

See LICENSE and GPLv3.txt for more details.

The TGS3 API is licensed as a subproject under the MIT license.

See the footers of code/__DEFINES/, code/modules/server_tools/, and code/modules/server_tools/ for the MIT license.

All assets including icons and sound are under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA license unless otherwise indicated.