Deno mini-port of @mozillasecurity/octo
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A unified shared library which aids in building fuzzers for browsers or as complement for an already existing fuzzing framework.

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Octo.js bundles core functions and generic boilerplate code commonly used in most frameworks for fuzzing browsers. It is designed for the sharing of improvements between our individual fuzzers, and with the purpose of reducing the maintainability of those core features with minimal effort.

Octo's future aims to be a stable, well-tested and well-documented standard library for fuzzing in a JavaScript environment.

Table of Contents


Usage in Node

yarn add @mozillasecurity/octo
const { random, make } = require("@mozillasecurity/octo");

// Common Operations

// WebCrypto

// WebGL

Take a look into the API documentation for further use cases.

Usage in the Browser

yarn install
yarn build

A bundled production build (octo.js) is placed into the local dist directory.


yarn lint
yarn test
yarn build


Octo.js uses Jest for testing. Each directory should contain a __tests__ folder containing the tests.

yarn test

API Documentation


yarn docs

What do the developers say?