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My limited experience contacting customer support for different companies.
**DISCLAIMER**: This is based on few instances so treat it more like a rant than actual research.
## Hosting
### GOOD
#### Linode
Helpful and super quick to reply! Friends had experiences contacting them with some blocking issues and they were swiftly resolved.
I contacted them about a half-activated account of mine being compromised and I might have been a bit.. uh, not diplomatic:
> I just received two emails about my account being accessed by another device and then allowing to "skip authentication".
> Why is skipping authentication even a thing?! Also that definitely wasn't me! I just reset the password to minimize damage but seriously, what the hell?!
> Also please, delete my account IMMEDIATELY!
They asked for very reasonable info to assess it was me and promptly went forward with purging my account and being super kind about it!
#### Google Cloud
Actually though their support people were bots. The speed at which they replied with somewhat relevant replies to inquiries is absolutely astounding.
They do not read the initial message that the contact form makes you type before you can talk to them, for some reason.
However, a quick couple chats (and one trying to push the blame around) managed to solve my issue, so I'm not mad.
### BAD
#### DigitalOcean
Fuck DO.
My experience contacting their support was a stream of canned answers that would never answer any of my issues, either the original one or the several follow-up answers.
#### Contabo
I somehow broke their systems and it's my fault.
Support is unhelpful, refuses to acknowledge their own platform bugs, and doesn't really offer any solution.
Was asked to snail-mail personal data to change the email address of my account. To quote:
> To replace the email address on the customer account ID XXXXXX, please provide a document to us (send by fax or letter) which contains the following information:
>- Full name
>- Address (Street, City, Country)
>- Phone number
>- Date of birth
>- Customer ID
>- Which products you ordered in detail?
>- Which operating system we installed initially?
>- Payment proofs for all sent payments
>- Which e-mail address you want to use further on?
Was promised that accounts would be merged after their system accidentally created a second one when I bought a second VPS. When it came time to do so, the same support person told me it wasn't possible.
Friend of mine had trouble getting payments to work with any of his cards, was told a generic "everything works on our end".
## Videogames
### GOOD
#### Phantasy Star Online 2 (SEGA)
Had trouble resetting their silly excuse of a TFA, were very kind and solved the issue within a few days.
### WTF
#### Xbox / Microsoft (for Windows)
They put volunteers (called "Xbox gamers") in front of actual technicians that throw random powershell commands at you to run. Took several hours of running random commands (I think I reinstalled all my MS Store apps like 10 times by the time I was fed up with it) before I just gave up and went to bed. The day after, the volunteer greeted me with a pissed message and MS sent me an automated email asking me if I wanted to chat with an ACTUAL technician.
Worthless waste of time, you're better off following sketchy tutorials after a google search since you're gonna do the same steps anyway.