Make Powershell Great Again!
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Make Powershell Great Again :^)

Finally, Powershell got its own Trump card haha (please don't kill me it's just a joke)

This project will install and load the following mods

and apply some changes:

  • Zsh-like Tab auto-complete (with menus)
  • Better CTRL word navigation

Some scripts are also included:

  • time.ps1 Returns execution time of the last command

Getting started


  • Powershell (v6+ has some extra goodies)


Clone or extract somewhere, maybe inside your profile dir? Where's your profile? Check $Profile in powershell.

Install all modules by running Install.ps1. No administrator shell required, everything is installed in the user context!

Close and reopen the shell and you should be done!


Vars.ps1 contains some extra options you might want to change. Or just add more stuff there (or better yet, in your $profile).

If you don't want a particular module, just delete the file off the install and mods folder. Then it will not be installed/loaded!

The scripts folder is added to the PATH during load, you can add/remove scripts there and they will be in PATH but only when using this profile!


Everything is released under ISC (see LICENSE).